WHO OWNS KIDZ BOP? Debunking Internet Myths

WHO OWNS KIDZ BOP? Debunking Internet Myths

In a comical twist of online misinformation, a viral search briefly and incorrectly asserted that YouTuber Elise Ecklund was the mastermind behind the renowned musical group Kidz Bop, “Who owns Kidz Bop“.

The Quest for Ownership: Kidz Bop Revealed

Elise Ecklund, recognized for sharing music-centric content on her YouTube channel, inadvertently became the center of an amusing online debacle when she decided to investigate the owner of Kidz Bop. Let’s delve into the genuine ownership details of this popular children’s music brand.

Who owns Kidz Bop?

Contrary to the internet’s momentary confusion, the American children’s music brand Kidz Bop is under the ownership of Razor & Tie, a subsidiary of Concord Music. Concord Music stands as a prominent force in the music industry, crafting an array of productions from movie musicals and biopics to animated features, documentaries, and contemporary remakes.

Kidz Bop specializes in producing covers of pop songs, boasting a remarkable track record of over 22.5 million albums sold and an impressive 6.5 billion streams. The music brand has achieved 24 Top 10 debuts on the Billboard 200 Chart and proudly records content in five different languages.

Key Figures in Kidz Bop

Sasha Junk, previously appointed as President of Kidz Bop, operates under the direct leadership of Concord Chief Label Executive, Tom Whalley.

The Internet’s Laughter: Elise Ecklund and Kidz Bop

Social media buzzed with laughter and confusion as a hilarious online mishap temporarily linked YouTuber Elise Ecklund to the ownership of this multi-million dollar enterprise. Elise Ecklund shared a video documenting her quest to discover the owner of Kidz Bop, revealing a screenshot that incorrectly claimed she was the owner.

YouTuber and content creator Elise Ecklund uploaded a video of herself searching the question ‘who owns Kidz Bop’. The clip shows a screenshot of the result, which falsely claims that she owns the music brand.

It remains unclear how and why her name surfaced in the ‘owner’ section, but the issue has since been rectified. Her name is no longer associated with Kidz Bop ownership, attributing the incident to an online mistake.

Elise Ecklund took to Twitter to share her astonishment, stating, “Apparently I own a multi-million dollar company.” Her fans joined in the amusement, leaving witty comments such as, “When your fanbase is so strong, they take over a multi-million dollar company and give it to you.”

One enthusiastic follower humorously remarked, “I’ve said this in a past video: ‘Wow, Elise, you should be in Kidz Bop,’ and being CEO of it is even better!”

Elise Ecklund: YouTube Sensation

Beyond the comedic twist of online misinformation, Elise Ecklund stands as a YouTube personality with a substantial following of 2.18 million subscribers at the time of writing. Her journey began in 2015, marked by her inaugural video—a guitar tutorial of Troye Sivan’s song “Youth.”

Elise continues to engage her audience with weekly uploads, steadily increasing her viewership and popularity. Notably, she holds a unique record for the shortest song, “I Suffer More,” released in 2019.

In conclusion, the tale of Elise Ecklund’s brief association with Kidz Bop’s ownership serves as a reminder of the unpredictable and amusing nature of the online realm.

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