Review Hoverwatch Best Spy Phone Tracker

Review Hoverwatch Best Spy Phone Tracker

On the one hand, today’s digital age has made life more comfortable and tightly knit, and on the other hand, it has increased various types of risks to a great extent.

The invention of smartphones has made it easier to communicate with family and friends, even from remote locations. Still, it has also increased the risk for the safety of its users, mainly when children use them.

Usually, children misuse their smartphones when they know that no one is watching them. It can distract them from their studies, along with leading their lives down the wrong track by visiting websites with adult materials.

Therefore, in order to protect children, parents need to know how their children use a smartphone and who they are talking to, as well as who they are sending messages to.

All this can be done by installing a spy phone tracker, Hoverwatch, on their smartphone.

Hoverwatch is a spy phone tracker that provides information about the usage of the targeted phone by running in the background of that phone.

Parents can use this spy app without being noticed by their kids that someone is watching them. Hoverwatch offers a wide range of features that parents can use to protect their kids.

Why today Hoverwatch is the best spy to control children for Android devices (h2)

Hoverwatch is considered the best spy app for Android devices to control children because it runs in the background of the phones to be monitored.

It allows parents to safeguard their children not only when they are at home but also when they are at their school or somewhere else.

The app can enable them to keep a vigilant eye on the online activities of their children.

Parents can know with whom their children are talking or sending and receiving messages, which websites they are visiting, and what they are doing on those websites by using Hoverwatch.

In this way, this app can provide complete protection to the kids even when they are away from their home, whether at school or some other place.

Another reason to consider Hoverwatch the best spy phone tracker is its very reasonable cost and ease of use.

One can easily install this app on the targeted phones and monitor the activities of their children on their phones effectively.

What functions does the user receive to control 

Hoverwatch offers several tasks for parents to monitor their children effectively, like:

Hidden program mode

It is the best feature of Hoverwatch, as it remains invisible while spying on the target phone.

The person being tracked can never know that his activities on his phone are being watched by someone else, as this app works in hidden mode.

Phone Tracker 

This spy phone tracker can track the location of the Android phone used by immature kids.

Parents can use this app to track the phone of their kids if they are concerned about them. It can track the location of the monitored phone, even if its Wi-Fi and GPS are turned off.

This app can use the network of the nearby towers of the distributor for this purpose.

Control in social networks 

This spy tracking app can also control the usage of social networks by reading the messages sent and received through mobile apps, including Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

It can also find out and save all the files, including audio, video, and photos, as well as conversations exchanged through the smartphones of the kids.

Call recording 

If you are concerned about the future of your children, then this spy app can also allow you to know who they are talking to through their mobile devices.

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It will record all the outgoing and incoming calls so that you can listen to them later on to review the situation and make a better decision to control the children.

Viewing SMS 

This spy app also allows parents to see the SMS and MMS messages sent and received by their children’s smartphones. You can use your account with Hoverwatch for tracking and viewing these messages.

Tracking Location 

That is an essential feature of this spy phone tracker, as it can track the location of the users of the Smartphone along with the location of the phone.

It uses the network of nearby towers of the distributor to track the location of the Wi-Fi, and GPS of the target phone is switched off.

Viewing data from your phone

Hoverwatch can not only track the record of the Smartphone but also allow you to see them through your Smartphone.

It records information about the history of incoming and outgoing calls and SMS, as well as sharing of camera files, audio, and text messages through social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram, and Telegram, etc.

You can also track their contact list and calendar, as well as their activities on the internet, through that phone.

Before installation, talk to the child about his safety 

It is better to talk to the children about their safety before installing Hoverwatch on their smartphones, as it can alert them about the risks of misusing their phones.

You can install this app if they do not understand what is good for them.

What do you need to do to install the program? 

You will have to log in to the official website of Hoverwatch to open a free account.

You can download and install this app on your phone by following the instructions provided on

You can use your Hoverwatch account to install this spy phone tracker of the target Android device before giving it to your child.

This app cannot be installed on the target devices unless you have them physically.

Pricing Policy 

Hoverwatch has a monthly payment plan. You can choose between different tiers, which have different options.

Plan Personal Family Business
Devices 1 Device 5 Devices 25 Devices
1 Month $24.95  $49.95  $149.95 
3 Month $59.95  $99.95  $299.95 
1 Year $99.95  $199.95  $499.95 

The  basic features of Hoverwatch are included in all plans, with added features becoming available for an increased price.

Below is a list of the Hoverwatch pricing tiers and their corresponding features:

-Personal: $24.95/month – includes access to phone location, time spent on apps and websites, call logs and 25% discount on the Family Plan

-Family: $49.95/month – includes all features of Tier One, plus text message logs and email monitoring

– Business: $149.95/month – includes all features of Tiers One and Two, plus social media tracking Hoverwatch is one of the best spy phone trackers on the market.

It offers a wide range of features at an affordable price, making it a great choice for parents, employers or spouses who want to keep tabs on their loved ones.

If you’re looking for a reliable way to keep your family or business safe, Hoverwatch is definitely worth considering.


Thus, parents can use Hoverwatch to control the online activities of their children.

This spy phone tracker can allow them to know how their kids are using the Smartphone. They have provided them to remain in touch with them.

Any misuse of Android devices can distract children from their studies, along with an increased risk of sharing sensitive information with malicious people.

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