Factors to Consider When Selecting Pet-Friendly Lodging

Factors to Consider When Selecting Pet-Friendly Lodging

Planning a trip with your furry companion? Choosing the right pet-friendly hotel or vacation rental is key to an enjoyable getaway. Here are some important factors to consider when researching and selecting accommodations that welcome you and your pets.

Size Limits and Breed Restrictions

Pet policies vary greatly, so first understand the size limits and breed restrictions. Some only allow small pets under 25 pounds. Others permit medium or large dogs up to 100 pounds. Certain properties ban aggressive dog breeds. Make sure your pet meets the requirements before booking. Look for places that can comfortably accommodate your pet’s size.

Pet Fees and Deposits

Most pet-friendly lodging charges extra fees, either a fixed nightly rate or a one-time deposit. These fees help cover additional cleaning or potential damages. Expect to pay $10 – $100 per night in pet fees above your room rate. Some may require refundable pet deposits of $150 – $300. Understand the complete fee structure to budget accordingly and avoid surprise charges.

Amenities and Services Offered

Search for lodging that offers amenities and services to make traveling with pets easier. This includes paved outdoor relief areas, pet walking areas, treats, bowls, waste bags and disposal stations. Some provide crates, pet sitting or dog walking services for a fee. Nearby pet stores, vets, groomers and parks are a plus. Look for ample amenities that cater to pets’ needs.

Cleaning Protocols and Room Access

Ask about cleaning protocols to ensure minimal dander and allergens. Hotels should thoroughly clean rooms between guests and use HEPA filters. Some limit pets to certain floors or designated pet rooms. Understand if there are restrictions on access to public areas like the lobby, pool or dining areas. Ensure your pet can comfortably access designated pet spaces.

Reviews from Past Pet Parents

Finally, read reviews from past guests who traveled with pets. This provides insights into how pet-friendly the property truly is. Look for reviews confirming the cleanliness, ease of access, amenities and overall experience traveling with a pet. Contact the lodging directly with any specific questions not addressed in reviews. This research ensures a positive stay.

Emergency Care Options

It’s also smart to research emergency vet clinics and 24-hour pet hospitals near the lodging, just in case. Ideally, choose a hotel or rental near a vet office. Have contact info saved for after-hours pet emergency services. Knowing your options for urgent pet care provides peace of mind while traveling.

With some planning, you and your furry best friend can enjoy trips together for years to come. Keep these pet lodging considerations in mind as you research options and make reservations for your next adventure. If you’re looking for pet-friendly lodging, reach out to the team at Twin Peaks Lodging (https://twinpeakslodging.com/) to book accommodations.


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