Recruitment in Ukraine for UK

Recruitment in Ukraine for UK

Ukrainian recruiting companies have reached a level where they can fill vacancies not only within their own country but also assist foreign companies in hiring. Recruitment agencies can find the right specialist both in the Ukrainian and foreign markets, depending on the client’s needs (

The thing is, remote work allows for connecting candidates and companies worldwide. There are cases where recruiting agencies even negotiate with candidates to relocate to the client’s country. All because the main task of a recruiting agency is to bring the ideal candidate and the ideal company together. In this way, everyone benefits and gets exactly what they want.

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To begin with, let’s discuss the differences between recruiting agencies and employment agencies. At first glance, these concepts may seem identical, but there are several significant distinctions.

Employment agencies rely on candidates for their existence. In this case, candidates pay for the service of finding suitable job opportunities and also contribute approximately 20–30% of their initial earnings. Employment agencies engage in mass job searching, handling a large number of professionals from various fields and levels. In this scenario, the vacancy is sought for a specific individual, not the other way around. Companies and employers do not incur any costs for such services.

IT recruitment agencies uk

As for recruiting agencies, some may assist candidates in finding relevant job opportunities, but they primarily cater to companies seeking genuinely professional employees. Recruiting agencies often specialize in a specific field, such as IT recruiting, for example, focusing solely on technical specialists. This narrow focus allows the agency to perform its duties efficiently and swiftly without spreading attention across a wide range of industries and specialties.

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Now, let’s discuss what makes a recruiting agency stand out among others. There are several aspects that you, as a client, should pay attention to.

  1. Specialization of the agency. If you are specifically looking for IT specialists, it makes more sense to turn to a company that specializes in this field. This way, you can save a lot of time and effort in finding relevant candidates, as recruiting agencies already have a database of potential professionals that may interest you.
  2. Approach to work. Each company emphasizes something specific; some work quickly, some have affordable service prices, and others boast high-quality candidates. Additionally, it is crucial to focus on the values of the agency. They should align with yours to build a productive partnership. That’s why it’s essential to speak “the same language” and understand each other.
  3. Level of agency’s responsibility. Make sure your choice is a recruiting partner that provides you with reports on the work done and keeps you informed of all stages of the search. It is important to identify weak points and address issues promptly. Moreover, clear and transparent services are always appreciated.

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