The Process Of Installing A 30-Wide Metal Garage: What To Expect

The Process Of Installing A 30-Wide Metal Garage

The Rise Of Metal Garage!

Steel structures have surged in popularity in recent times. This is due to their high durability, sturdy frames, low upkeep, and structural integrity that stays put with time. Do you also have 30’ wide garage plans for your property? If yes, do not skip this blog; it’s a must for you.


The Process Of Installing 30’ Wide Garage Buildings

1. Define Your Budget


When buying steel garages, most people compare the prices of different sizes, such as comparing a 30 x 20 building with a 50 x 30 building from various metal builders. But comparing prices alone can be a mistake. That’s because customers select the lowest bid only to find out that it is only the cost of raw material.


That’s right! The quoted price may be only on the kit but doesn’t include other necessary details such as foundation, shipping, and installation costs. So, when selecting a metal garage, always look at the complete package before finalizing the deal. If you are on a tight budget, shop for a 30’ wide garage for sale online.


Note: Most builders do not include the foundation in the quote, so plan your budget accordingly.

30’ Wide Garage Cost


You can expect to pay between $8,000 to $14,000 for a simple 30 ft. wide and 20 ft. long metal garage. Below are some sample 30’ wide garage buildings:


(width x length x height) in ft.


Total Square Feet Approx. Cost
30 x 30 x 8 900 $12,250
30 x 31 x 16 930 $17,350
30 x 41 x 12 1,230 $23,500
30 x 50 x 14 1,500 $32,700
30 x 71 x 14 2,130 $33,650


The exact price will depend on the following factors:

  1. Height of the garage (the taller the structure, the more you will have to pay)
  2. Steel Frame Gauge (12-gauge cost more than 14-gauge but is more robust)
  3. Length of the garage (you can choose any length that suits your budget and fits on your property)
  4. Extra Space – Lean-to (creates a shaded area to store bikes/ garden tools)
  5. Additional Accessories (gutter, paint, roofing style, etc.)
  6. Location of installation (labor cost, permit fee, etc.)

2. Describe The Purpose | Set Plan


What is the primary purpose of your garage? This is an important question as many people like to install a workshop/ home office cum parking space. A pre-defined purpose will clearly explain the add-ons necessary for the steel garage. Once you have defined the purpose, the next step is planning.


What are your 30’ wide garage plans? How much space do you have on your lot? Would you like to include some storage or a workshop area? Here are some pointers that will help with the planning:

  1. Placement on your lot
  2. Accessibility to cars
  3. Space for maneuvering (in case you want a steel garage for large vehicles)
  4. Good drainage at the site of installation
  5. Your local building codes and guidelines

3. Get Permit


Permit laws and fees vary depending on the state, city, and county where you want to install the building. Some places have stringent rules, while others may have more relaxed rules. Building codes and zoning laws are meant for safety and security reasons.


You will need an engineer’s planned blueprint of the new construction to apply for the permit. You can get this from your metal dealer. You can fill out the form online or visit the local municipal office during working hours.


Note: When buying a 30’ wide metal garage, mention the installation site and not the place where you are ordering from. For instance, if you live in a county and want to install a metal building on your farm in a rural area, mention the zip code of the rural area.

4. Site Preparation


Once you have secured the permit, it’s time to order your building and prepare the site for construction. Start by measuring the quality of the soil. Based on this, you can plan the foundation type. A foundation is the base on which the entire metal structure sits, so make sure it is firm, sturdy, and robust.


Start cleaning the site by removing debris, rocks, boulders, and plantations. If there is a large tree, contact the municipal before removing it. Now, level the site. 30’ wide buildings are large, so it is likely that your metal builder or site inspector will recommend a concrete base. For a commercial metal structure, you will need at least a concrete strip at the perimeter of the building.

5. Consider Necessary Accessories


Before digging:

  1. Contact the utility company to find out if any utility lines are running below the ground.
  2. Mark them to make sure you don’t accidentally hit the wire or pipe while installing.
  3. If you need water pipelines or electric lines inside the garage, lay it before pouring concrete.


Some add-ons that you must include in 30’ wide garage plans are:

  1. Insulation: It will help to reduce heat transfer and moisture. This helps prevent the chances of rust build-up on panels and frames.
  2. Ventilation: Vents keep fresh airflow inside and regular air circulation.
  3. Gutter with Downspout: The 30’ wide steel garage is large. The gutter is a must to avoid downpours and melting snow over your head. It will carry all water from the roof towards a deposition tank.

Since you stick with us till the end, here is a bonus point for you.



A finishing will add aesthetic and appeal to your garage building. Know that any addition to the looks will add to the 30’ wide garage cost. Here are some of them:

  1. Color: You can choose colors for the roof, trim, side panels, and wainscot.
  2. Roof Style: Unless otherwise mentioned in building codes, you can select between regular, horizontal, or vertical roofing panels.
  3. Landscaping: Place some native plants along the driveway. It will boost the overall appeal and hold the soil in place.

Are You Ready To Plan 30’ Wide Garage Buildings?


We strongly suggest you buy excellent-quality metal garages from top-notch metal dealers who have their very own design team for your 30’ wide garage plans. They will guide you through the entire journey. Some even offer a complete package quote that includes raw materials, shipping, and installation, so you don’t have to wander around finding a construction crew.


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